About us

BaRE is a shortened name derived from our motto Battle for Racial Equality.

We are a group of people of various backgrounds: charity volunteers, graduates, professionals of various sectors, artists, British, asylum seekers, refugees, EU nationals…  willing to engage in the cultural battle for racial equality.

We want to take the discussion about prejudice and racism further. The experience of discrimination by ethnic minority communities does not only rely on overt racism. It comes from misinformation, prejudice and innocence yet biased perceptions too, which all form narratives. Our objective is to change these damaging narratives.

WRITE TO US to share biased media stories you have come across and explain where the bias is.

WRITE TO US to report alternative local stories, to show different untold realities, shed a different light and propose a different narrative.

We are inclusive. All formats accepted: short articles, longer essays, audio recordings, videos, interviews. All English-levels and written-styles accepted. Our language is different because our narratives are.

You can contact us by emailing infothebareuk@gmail.com or via @thebareuk

The Team

Cryton Chikoko – Co-Founder

An immigrant. Writer. Survivor of the @ukhomeoffice hostile environment. Migrant rights activist. Lawyer. Formerly broadcaster and dentist.


Stina J. Nölken – Media Manager

European Solidarity Corps volunteer at the Moldovan Institute for Human Rights. Always battling the constraints of normativity. Interested in topics related to human rights, language politics, identity and LGBTQ+ rights.


Tim Lehuraux – Co-Founder

Volunteer coordinator and housing advice manager at Positive Action in Housing. Willing to influence the public debate on inequality, to suggest new angles and to encourage new voices to speak up.